The SJVAir team would like to thank the people behind the following organizations and projects which this website relies upon.

Data Providers

SJVAir integrates with multiple air quality networks to bring data from different groups into one place, and we thank them for generously sharing their data with us.

School Districts

We've partnered with school districts in the San Joaquin Valley to set up air quality networks in communities that previously had limited access to local real-time air quality information.

Technology Stack

SJVAir wouldn't be possible without the thousands of people who have generously given their time to build and maintain these and other Open Source and Maker community projects.

Open is better than closed.

We subscribe to the ideals of Open Source software, hardware, and data, and believe that these things should be freely available to the public for the benefit of everyone. We're making a commitment that the technology that powers SJVAir will be published on Github and our API will be documented and freely available for anyone to use. More information will be available soon.